Strategic Problem Solving & Decision Making

Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.

  1. General Details

    Program Overview

    The program will focus on decision making in the context of change and paradigm shift. Business professionals need to adapt to change as a way of life, often resulting in economic uncertainty in which their responsibility is to make the kind of decisions that build trust and confidence in their clients- this is a crucial key to business growth and stability.

    This training includes many hands-on experiential exercises & case studies of organization intended to make the learning practical and simple for the participants to be able to apply for the job.

    Benefits of attending

    To learn the tools and processes to find the
    right solutions to most problems or situations
    To learn the methods and techniques to take
    best decisions for future success


  2. Techical Info

    Program Dynamics

    • Level 1:                                  Basic
    • Level 2:                                  Advance
    • Level 3:                                  Professional
    • Duration:                               02 days
    • Participants:                          20-25
    • Venue:                                   on-site
    • Pre-training assessment:    Yes
    • Post-training report:           Yes
    • Memory Video & clips:       Yes
    • Training manual:                  Yes
    • Training certificates:           Yes



    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Simplex process
    • Ishikawa fishbone model
    • PDCA model
    • Cause n effect analysis
    • Appreciative inquiry method
    • Affinity diagram
    • Root cause analysis


    • Decision Making
    • Decision Tree analysis
    • Rational decision-making model
    • Pareto analysis
    • Six thinking hat
    • OODA loop
    • The VROOM model
    • Stepladder technique
    • Star busting technique
    • MOC approach

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