Communication Skills

Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.

  1. General Details

    Communicate Professionally

    Get your point across with a positive professional image!

    It’s a whole new world of work! Organizational change, diversity and electronic communications have changed the face of the workplace. Today more than ever, success depends upon the combined cooperation, commitment and action of people—both face-to-face and across electronic and cyber channels. That’s why your interpersonal skills are so critical to your own effectiveness as a manager. This training gives you two days of solid learn-by-doing training to sharpen your skills with superiors, peers and subordinates.

    Benefits of attending

    • Communicate efficiently and tactfully with clients, direct reports, colleagues, your boss and senior management
    • Respond in a professional manner, even when you’re out of your comfort zone
    • Strengthen your communication effectiveness with active listening
    • Elicit cooperation and respect by modelling
    • Improve your image through increased self-awareness

  2. Technical Info

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of the session, participants are able to do the following.

    • Briefly, describe the processes of communication and its effects.
    • Demonstrate improved skills in communicating clearly.
    • Manage the communication situation with confidence.
    • Explain the process of counseling.
    • Demonstrate empathy.
    • Describe techniques to counsel patients.
    • Describe the dynamics of doctor-patient communication.
    • Develop a technique to convey bad news.
    • Describe the sandwich process of conveying bad news.
    • Identify that stress impacts the decision making.
    • Demonstrates better management of stress
    • To plan, organize and successfully deliver a high impact medical presentation to diverse groups

    Program Dynamics

    Level 1: Basic
    Level 2: Advance
    Duration: 02 days
    Participants: 20-25
    Venue: on-site
     Pre-training assessment: Yes
    Post-training report: Yes
    Memory Video & clips: Yes
    Training manual: Yes
    Training certificates: Yes
    Who Should Attend

    Managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to maximize their positive impact on others, enrich the quality of their relationships and increase their effectiveness on the job.

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