Effective Managerial Skills

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    Effective Managerial Skills

    As we climb up the corporate ladder moving from managing self to managing others, our work values, time applications and skills requirements change. These changes must match our job requirements. We must learn to give up few work behaviors and adopt others. Our time allocations and prioritizations change with the change in our deliverables.

    The middle tier management is critical to the overall success of the organizations. The work behaviors and time allocations if wrongly adopted cost dearly to the organizations not only in deliverables but also in terms of lower motivation and morale of those reporting to them. Developing and Leading Teams therefore becomes an important component of their job roles.

    Benefits of Attending

    • Productive staff
    • Effective motivators
    • Increased productivity
    • Relationship building
    • Reduced workplace conflicts
    • Greater profitability
  2. Technical Info

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of the session, participants are able to do the following.

    • Setting & aligning smart goals for individuals and departments
    • Assigning roles and responsibilities accordingly
    • Managing Time and settings priorities
    • Organizing self and others that you manage
    • Performance monitoring, feedback & appraisals
    • Effective communications across levels
    • Creative problem solving and decision making
    • Defining management styles and how these affect the team members
    • Getting better results through motivation
    • Leading to enhance performance

    Program Dynamics

    Level 1:   Basic
    Level 2:  Advance
    Duration:    02 days
    Participants: 20-25
    Venue: on-site
     Pre-training assessment:   Yes
    Post-training report:  Yes
    Memory Video & clips:  Yes
    Training manual:   Yes
    Training certificates: Yes
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