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  1. General Details

    Sales Xpress (Selling Skills)

    Program Overview

    Because of the mounting pressure facing salespersons in today’s landscape, this challenging profession is becoming even more competitive. Cutthroat competition calls for highly competitive sales teams at the front end. They are expected to have the ability to steer the sales of the company. Build its image in the market, enhance its visibility and keep an eye on the competitor activities. Sales Officers have the potential to maximize the market share. In fact, they are a lynchpin between the company and the market.  In that, they need to be groomed so that they could deliver best of the best.

    Sales X – Press is two days comprehensive capacity building initiative which would focus on polishing functional selling techniques of B2C. Program is aimed to bring about behavioral changes in the sales team essentially required to complement practical selling techniques.
    The workshop will increase participant’s confidence in selling, dealing with people, and in demonstrating greater professionalism to customers. Participants will learn to practice step by step process of selling and negotiating for a win/win out come.

    Benefits of attending

    Enhancement of Knowledge and skills:  To deliver basic selling skill knowledge to the employees so that they know what they are expected to do.

    Change in Attitude: The training will be designed in a manner to Internalize the selling skills attitude in the hearts and minds of people

    Change in Behavior: Employees would learn how to use the knowledge and transform the attitude into measureable and observable behavior.

  2. Technical Info

    By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

    • Building Self Confidence
    • Understand the sales process
    • Establishing rapport and relationship with the customers
    • Learning to probe for real needs
    • Up selling
    • Handling objections creatively
    • Practicing and mastering standard statements
    • Handling difficult customers
    • Groom themselves to be a superstar sales person

    Program Dynamics

    Level 1: Basic
    Level 2: Advance
    Duration: 02 days
    Participants: 20-25
    Venue: on-site
     Pre-training assessment: Yes
    Post-training report: Yes
    Memory Video & clips: Yes
    Training manual: Yes
    Training certificates: Yes
    Who Should Attend

    Managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to maximize their positive impact on others, enrich the quality of their relationships and increase their effectiveness on the job.

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